For every print or original purchased, money will be donated to charity.

Why Charity?

Making a difference is important and we will always donate at least 10% of all proceeds to charity. Which charity may change dependant on the exhibition and the cause it supports.

Our regular charity is St Christopher's hospice in London.

After losing her dad in June 2020, Stella often finds herself thinking about the current societal sentiment surrounding palliative care and the finality of life - which she believes, is not always discussed or prepared for well enough in today's society.

Death is the biggest change in life that can’t be reliably advised on and many terminally ill people often go through this process without someone there to support, listen or understand.

Together we will contribute towards more terminally ill people having a better support network around them during their most difficult time and raise awareness about palliative care and what that means for all those affected.

Why St Christopher's?

Stella carefully selected St Christopher's from a large selection of hospices based on criteria important to her. The team at St Christopher’s really believe in what they do and are passionate in their care for the terminally ill and their loved ones. They demonstrate a strong drive for research and education in palliative care and have a wonderful art program as part of their offering that includes a partnership with the Royal Institute of Art.

At St Christopher's, it is not about dying, it’s about living until the end. It’s about being able to enjoy your last days, weeks or months with your loved ones whilst being cared for by the right experts. St Christopher’s then continue to look after the loved ones left behind for as long as they need it.

About St Christopher's

St Christopher's was founded in 1967 by Dame Cicely Saunders and was the first hospice linking expert pain and symptom control, compassionate care, teaching and clinical research. Since then, St Christopher’s has been a pioneer in the field of palliative medicine and Dame Cicely is recognised as the founder of the modern hospice movement and received many honours and awards for her work.

The hospice itself is a friendly, vibrant place, and as unlike a traditional hospital as it can be. St Christopher's run community programmes that offer practical, emotional and spiritual support to over 7,500 people in the local area, organise events at the hospice with music and entertainment and have an education center where they run workshops, exhibitions and offer online learning courses over zoom with attendees from over 43 countries. Theirs is a vibe that welcomes everyone in, educates them about a topic which is not often discussed and really celebrates life - the living and the memory of it.

(Below you can see St Christopher's most recent released stats.)