Contemporary geometric artist Stella Zuegel creates unique art using both watercolour on paper, and acrylic and oil paint on canvas. Each piece is painted free hand and takes between 3-24 months to complete.

In her work, Stella plays with shapes and colours to create depth, dimension and cohesion. These curate a journey of free-flowing exploration through individual shapes, larger patterns and the composition as a whole for the audience.

Stella’s work is inspired both by the poignant stories and emotions of herself and the people she meets and by an organic curiosity towards the very nature of self and the universe.  Her work is thus a geometric representation of her inner path to discover the essence of her being and her journey towards understanding the world and its people, whilst also being a colourful expression of human experience and emotion.

Geometry and colour are sub-consciously joined in Stella’s process. The resulting oneness and interplay of both deliver a fresh and unique yet intrinsically timeless and human experience of perspective and perception for her audience to explore and enjoy.

Stella’s work naturally aligns to both the contemporary geometric art of the West and the ancient spiritual geometric art of the East.

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